Campus Overview

We keep our campus a better place as you want to see the same for the world.

DYP Group always wants their student to feel the campus as their home and they are never away from it. Remembering this DYP campus provides world class infrastructure, well-equipped facility with a homely atmosphere around. The campus of DYP colleges are spacious and polished where a student can indulge in intellectual thinking with floating ideas, creativity and bringing their theories to practical implementation. The sustainable eco-green system is maintained with the help of trees planted in campus well known as the oxygen zone of DYP Campus life.

The campus is widespread over a huge ground of 32 acres with well connected transportation in one the finest locations of Pune. The campus is not far as our student say to food courts, cafes, sports centre, hangout areas, malls and multiplex. We are 2 kms away from Akurdi railway station between Pune and Lonavala. There are local bus transport facility available and the Sahara Stadium on Pune – Mumbai expressway highway about 7 kms. 


 Teaching Staff

Faculty Name Dr K Nirmala
Designation Director
Qualification : MCA, MBA, Ph.D
Area of Specialization : Knowledge Management, Data Analytics, E- Governance. 
Experience :- 
Teaching  : 21 Years
Industry :  04 Years

Faculty Name : Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade
Designation : Professor
Qualification :  MCA, MBA, Ph.D
Area of Specialization Computer Networks, Cyber Security, Business Analytics
Experience :-
Teaching : 16 Years

Faculty Name Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi
Designation HOD
Qualification MCA, Ph.D
Area of Specialization Software Project Management, DAA, Green Computing
Experience :-
Teaching 14.5 Years

Industry 1

Faculty Name Dr. Balasaheb Bhamangol
Designation Associate Professor 
Qualification B.Sc., MCA,  Ph.D
Area of Specialization Enterprise Resource Planning, Knowledge Management 
Experience :-
Teaching 13 Years
 Industry 10 Year
Faculty Name Mrs. Arati Patil
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MCA
Area of Specialization OOAD, C & Fin A/C
Experience :-
Teaching : 10 Years  
 Industrial ; 0.5 Year
Faculty Name Mrs. Snehal Patil
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MCA
Area of Specialization Web Support Technology, Oracle
Experience :-
Teaching 9 Years
Industrial 1 Year
Faculty Name Miss. Nisarga Sabale
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MCA
Area of Specialization Computer Organization & Optimization Techniques
Experience :-
Teaching 9 Years
Faculty Name Mr. Rahul Chaudhari
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MCA, MBA
Area of Specialization Mobile Computing
Experience :-
Teaching 10 Years
Industry : 2 Years 
Faculty Name Mrs. Rupali Chavan
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MCA
Area of Specialization Advance Database, ERP
Experience :-
Teaching :  8 Years
 Industry : 4 Years 
Faculty Name: Mrs. Manasi Pandharkar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA, Ph. D. Pursuing
Area of Specialization : Data Mining, Big Data
Experience :-
Teaching: 8 Years
Industrial : 1 Years
Faculty Name:  Miss. Sheetal Patil
Designation:  Assistant Professor
Qualification:  BCA, MCA , MBA
Area of SpecializationComputer Application and Management
Experience :- 
Teaching :  6 Years
Faculty Name Mrs. Kiran Tikar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification  MCA, PhD Pursuing
Area of Specialization C, C++, Data Structures, Cyber Security &  Optimization Techniques
Experience :-
Teaching                        8 Years
 Industrial 1 Year
Faculty Name  : Mrs. Sarika Choudhari
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification :  BE ( Computer ), ME ( Computer).
Area of Specialization : C, C++, Data Structures, Image Processing.
Experience :-
Teaching  : 4 Years
 Industrial  : 0 Year

Faculty Name : Mrs. Dipti Rakesh Nashine
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification :  MCA, PhD Pursuing
Area of Specialization : Machine learning, Big Data Analytics
Experience :-
Teaching:             8 Years
Faculty Name : Mrs. Krupali Rupesh Dhawale
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification :  B E , M E
Area of Specialization : C , Data Mining, Computer Network
Experience :-
Teaching : 3.5  Years
Faculty Name : Ms. Shabnam Raj Makandar
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification :  ME
Area of Specialization : Information Retrieval
Experience :-
Teaching : 3 Years

Administrative Staff

Staff Name Mr. Sachin Bhosale
Designation Dy. Registrar
Qualification MBA
Area of Specialization Administrative Work
Experience :- 14 Years (Institute), 2 Years (Outside)
Staff Name Mr. Vilas Patil
Designation Jr. Clerk (Est. Section)
Qualification B.Com
Area of Specialization Administrative Work
Experience :- 15.03 Years (Institute)
Staff Name Mr. Vikas Patil
Designation Jr. Clerk (Student Section)
Qualification M.A, MSCIT
Area of Specialization Administrative Work, History
Experience :- 15 Years
Staff Name Mr. Sujit Patil
Designation Jr. Clerk (Accountant)
Qualification B.Com
Area of Specialization Administrative Work
Experience :- 9 Years (Institute)
Staff Name Mr. Munishwar Maske
Designation Jr. Clerk (Student Section)
Qualification B.A, Agri. Diploma
Area of SpecializationScholarship, Educational Concession
Experience :- 7 Years

Technical Staff

Staff Name Mr. Pravin Gund
Designation System Analyst
Qualification B.E.
Area of SpecializationNetwork & System Administration: Windows, Linux
Experience :- 14 Years 
Staff Name Mr. Kiran Sardar
Designation Lab Assistant
Qualification B.Com
Area of SpecializationComputer Hardware Networking
Experience :- 13 Years (Institute)
Staff Name Mr. Ashwin Pawar
Designation Lab Assistant
Qualification B.Com, Diploma in Computer Hardware Networking
Area of SpecializationComputer Hardware Networking 
Experience :-  3 Years 

Library Staff : 

Staff Name : Mrs. Sarita Sthul
Designation Librarian
Qualification M.A., M.Lib I.Sc , SET
Area of Specialization Library & Information Science
Experience :- 7 Years 
Staff Name Mr. Yuvaraj Khandait
Designation Library Assistant
Qualification M.A., B.Lib & I.Sc.
Area of Specialization Library & Information Science
Experience :- 9 Years (Institute)

Faculty Code of Conduct

I will be trustworthy and build trustworthiness by

  • Demonstrating professional competence to teach and learn

  • Abiding by the terms of employment & institutional norms in letter and spirit

  • Believing in openly and pro-actively sharing knowledge & information

  • Being honest and encouraging honesty in all my academic and other human activities

  • Honestly projecting my work by not indulging in plagiarism and/or copyright/IPR violation

  • Making my services available at all times for the development of students, the institution and the society I serve

  • Providing honest and objective feedback that will help students and faculty to assess their learning and progress towards their goals

  • Demonstrating the courage to speak the truth and do the right things rightly

  • Developing self through continuous learning through research and practice, individual and collaborative learning

I will earn respect and help earn respect by

  • Treating students, parents, peers, superiors and management with respect

  • Accepting that each individual is unique

  • Counseling & mentoring students and peers

  • Setting a good example by being a role model

  • Displaying initiative and continuously pursuing excellence in all endeavours

  • Showing concern towards students, peers, support staff, alumni and the environment

I guide students to take responsibility for their actions by

  • Leading by example - Being accountable for my words, actions and behavior

  • Always doing my best and demonstrating a passion for excellence and eye for detail

  • Taking actions after duly considering the possible outcomes

I will demonstrate fairness in dealings by

  • Being objective in evaluation and interaction and show no bias or preference on the basis of race, color, creed, religion or gender

  • Maintaining relationships with students, peer, parents and alumni which will not interfere with fair evaluation

  • Openly accepting my shortcomings through transparency of my actions.

I will demonstrate empathy by

  • Emotionally connecting with students, to understand their aspirations and anxieties and help them reach their highest potential

  • Maintaining confidentiality of student information unless there is legitimate ground for disclosure

  • Providing a safe and open environment for discussion and dealing with sensitive issues

  • Inculcating a spirit of caring towards all fellow human beings


We live so that when our students think of caring they think of us.

For our students of DYP the medical and pharmaceutical facilities are provided by the DYP medical college which is capable of handling any kind of issues in campus pertaining to student and staff. An ambulance is parked 24*7 in case of emergency at the campus to reduce risk of any unforeseen event. “Prevention is better than cure.” On each floor of all buildings emergency first aid kit with a fire extinguisher and water pipe lines are mounted to overcome unconditional calamities. 

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community..” Anthony J. D'Angelo 

We have a fire drill where we train our staff and student how to be cautious in handling such uneven events. This will also be guidance helpful for them to overcome risks in future.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency ServicePhone Number
Ambulance 102/27659000
Dr. D. Y. Patil Hospital 020-27423690/92
Fire Brigade 101
Police Station 100
Akurdi Police Station 020-27650036
Blood Bank Krantiveer - 27610054
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