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Dr. D. Y. Patil IMCA has well furnished library equipped with adequate number of books and journal. The library has optimum infrastructure as per the norms of AICTE. The library has specious and well furnished reading room enriched with newspaper, popular journals and with additional facility of display of new arrivals. Reading Hall of area 150 sq. mtrs. and with a seating capacity of 100 students is available in the library. The library also has extended period of timings to provide reading facility to learners. Besides, library has reprographic facility and internet connectivity for knowledge accession. The library of this institute has optimum number of books, journals and titles as per AICTE norms. Moreover, library has additional collection of books for general knowledge, communication dynamics, aptitude test, presentation skills, soft skills and personality development required for professional grooming. Nevertheless, consistent efforts are made to enrich library with latest arrivals with relevance to current and contemporary needs as per the suggestions and recommendation of faculty and students. The library has well equipped e-library with an excellent collection of e-books, e-journals, NPM (non printing material include books CD, software installable CD).

The library is spread over a spacious area of 250 sq. meters; the library is manned by our experienced staff from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm to reach out to our valued members. Faculty members provide the necessary support to the library staff in procurements of the books / journals by recommending the same. Dr.Pravin Gundalwar is the chairman of the committee and members are Mrs.Sarika Chaudhari, Mr. Vilas Patil and Mr. Yuvraj Khandait.

Library Utilization

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Utilization Type



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Number of books issued / per student /per week



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Average number of books issued per month



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Utilization of reading hall per day


Extra Learning Resources

E-Granthalya Library Software Version 3.0 developed by National Information center, Delhi is the latest software being used in our library. It is available over local area network. Users within our campus can access various books /journals/titles by its author’s names using the link. E-Granthalya Library software aims at speeding up and simplifying not only librarian’s day-to-day routine tasks but also takes care of more complex procedures that require skill and acumen.


The Library of the institute has Online Public Access Catalog which is an online database of materials held by the library. Users search a library catalog principally to locate books and other material physically located at a library. The Library OPAC can search on various elements of a bibliographic record like Author Catalogue, Title Catalogue, Subject Catalogue, Publisher Index, Accession Number and Location.

Online Journal

The institute has subscribed to Online - IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP) which has 145 Journals plus 2000 backfile, renewed up to December 2013, it is available on the local area network and can be accessed 24 hours / 365 days by our students, faculty members and Ph. D. scholars.

Digital Library

There are two digital libraries available to provide e-learning resources to our students and faculty members, one developed at central level and other developed at institute level by Swapnil Jagtap (Faculty) and Gaurav Hargude (Student). Computers are exclusively earmarked in the library for this purpose.


National Programme on Technology Enabled Learning was subscribed to help the students and faculty members to access e-learning resources of reputed institutions like IITs and IISC.

Facilities Available


All-in-one Canon m/c (Printer, Fax, Scanner, Xerox) installed to meet instant need of the students. Also one laser printer machine is installed in the library.


All the computers in the library are connected via local area network. E-Granthalaya software, Online IEEE Journal, digital library, OPAC Software also available over the LAN.

Internet Connectivity

The institute’s library has both wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) internet connection at all times across the campus.

Educational Multimedia Packages

Apart from the text-books, reference books, national and international journals, the students can avail the multimedia learning resource available at the institute. Exclusively five computers have been catered to this facility. This includes facilities to view educational video CDs, DVD and software CD’s.

Automated Services (SMS and E-mail)

Students are reminded of the due date through a manually generated SMS and E-mail service. The Librarian invites new books requisitions from library members and new booklist from vendors using the automated Services. Subsequently the same is used to procure the books.



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