Master of Business Administration Course Overview

The MBA program prepares a student for a career in diverse sectors of the industry domestically and globally. The MBA program facilitates learning in theory and practice of different functional areas of management and equips the students with an integrated approach to various functions of management. However, the demand for managerial skills is not limited to the industry. Managerial talent is much sought by the Government Sector, NGOs, non-corporate sector as well. Students also expect to become entrepreneurs. Their aspirations also require a broad based learning encompassing the end to end processes involved in developing entrepreneurial skills. Institutes, Faculty and Students need to move away from the excessive focus on industry and look at needs and demands of broader sections of the society also.
Program Duration :

The M.B.A. program will be a full-time two years Master's Degree Course of Business Administration.

Admission Procedure :

The selection would be done as per the guidelines by the Admission Regulating Authority, Mumbai and State Government of Maharashtra, Mumbai time to time.


Medium of Instruction:
The medium of instruction is only in English. The course material is also in English.