'Reservation Cell' (SC/ST/OBC Cell)

With reference to The Scheduled Castes and The Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989,UGC guideline for Implementation of Reservation Policy, 2006 and Govt. of Maharashtra Resolution No. BCC-2010/C.N.409/16-B, Dt. 16/08/2010, ‘Reservation Cell (SC/ST/OBC Cell)’ has been constituted. The constitution of Committee is as follows:


Sr. No.Name of MemberDesignation
1Dr. K. NirmalaChairman
2Mr. Rahul ChaudhariCo-ordinator
3Ms. Girija ParanjapeMember
4Ms. Sarita SthulMember
5Mr. Vikas PatilMember
6Mr. Kiran SardarMember
7Mr. Sachin BhosaleMember Secretary


Role and Responsibilities

  1. The Reservation (SC/ST/OBC) Cell will monitor and endeavor to resolve issues, grievances related to all reservation candidates and staff at the Institute level.
  2. The Compliant if any will be forwarded to the said Committee/Cell by the Director.
  3. The said Committee/Cell will look into the complaint and call the concern complainant personally for hearing the grievance.
  4. The Coordinator of the Committee/Cell will forward their report in the sealed envelope to the Principal within one week from the date of receipt of complaint.

    This committee will be in action till further orders


Reservation Cell Activity: Scholarship Guidance Session
Mr. Munishwar Maske, Sr. Clerk and Mr. Vikas Patil, Sr. Clerk, DYPIMCAM
conducting Scholarship Guidance Session under Reservation Cell for FYMCA Students