28-12-2017Ph.D. Interview
19-06-2017Institute Reopens for MCA II And III Year
25-03-2017Alumni Meet 2017
10-03-2017ACM DSP Guest Lecture: Prof. Shrisha Rao, IIIT Banglore
18-20/01/2017Techno-Sports 2017
06-01-2017Career Counseling Session
29-12-2017Parallel Minds Pool Campus
27-12-2017Cuelogic Technologies Pool Campus
24-09-2016Fresher's Party 2016
27-08-2016FDP on Software & Application Development
24-08-2016Induction Programme 2016
29-30/02/2016National Conference on Adv Computing and Management
27-02-2016Seminar on Resume writing
18-02-2016Industry Visit
22-23/01/2016Techno Cultural Activity
19-21/01/2016Techno Sports Activity
23-10-2015Visit to ZEP Punarvasan Foundation
31/09/2015FDP & SDI Seminar on stress managment
28/09/2015 to 03/10/2015FDP on Emerging Trends in Information Technology
12-09-2015Fresher's Party 2015
12-09-2015ACM ACtivity: Research Presentation
12-09-2015Co-curricular Activity: Paper Presentation 
28-08-2015HR Meet
24-08-2015ACM Activity
12-08-2015ACM Activity
10-08-2015Induction Programme 2016
25-07-2017Sports EVent: Counter Strike
25-07-2015ACM Student Chapter Activity
19-06-2015International Yoga Day