MCA Course Outcomes

First Year M.C.A. - Semester: I & II Course Outcome

Subject (Course Name) and CodeCOBT-LevelDescription
IT-11 Java ProgrammingCO1UnderstandUnderstand Basic Concepts of OOPs, Java, Inheritance, Package.
CO2UnderstandUnderstand Exception handling, arrays and Strings and multi-threading in Java
CO3UnderstandUnderstand collection framework
CO4ApplyDevelop GUI using Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT) and event handling
CO5ApplyDevelop Web application using JSP and Servlet, JDBC
IT-12 Data Structure and AlgorithmsCO1ApplyDemonstrate linear data structures linked list, stack and queue
CO2Applyimplement tree, graph, hash table and heap data structures
CO3Applyapply brute force and backtracking techniques
CO4Applydemonstrate greedy and divide-conquer approaches
CO5Applyimplement dynamic programming technique
IT- 13 OOSECO1UnderstandDistinguish different process model for a software development.
CO2AnalyzeDesign software requirements specification solution for a given problem definitions of a software system.
CO3AnalyzeApply software engineering analysis/design knowledge to suggest solutions for simulated problems
CO4ApplyDesign user interface layout for different types of applications
CO5UnderstandRecognize and describe current trends in software engineering
IT- 14 Operating System ConceptsCO1UnderstandUnderstand structure of OS, process management and synchronization.
CO2UnderstandUnderstand multicore and multiprocessing OS
CO3Understandexplain Realtime and embedded OS
CO4Understandunderstand Windows and Linux OS fundamentals and administration.
CO5Applysolve shell scripting problems
IT-15 Network TechnologiesCO1UnderstandUnderstand the basic concepts of Computer Network, and principle of layering
CO2ApplyApply the error detection and correction techniques used in data transmission
CO3ApplyApply IP addressing schemes and sub netting
CO4UnderstandUnderstand the concept of routing protocols, Application layer protocols and Network Security
CO5ApplyApply the socket programming basics to create a simple chat application
IT-11L PracticalsCO1ApplyDemonstrate Collection framework
CO2ApplyDevelop GUI using awt and swing
CO3ApplyDevelop Web application using JSP and Servlet, JDBC
CO4ApplyApply Data Structure to solve problems using JavaScript
ITC11 Mini ProjectCO1CreateCreate working project using tools and techniques learnt in this semester
IT-21 Python ProgrammingCO1UnderstandUnderstand Demonstrate the concepts of python and modular programming.
CO2ApplyApply the concepts of concurrency control in python
CO3ApplySolve the real-life problems using object-oriented concepts and python libraries
CO4ApplyDemonstrate the concept of IO, Exception Handling, database
CO5AnalyzeAnalyze the given dataset and apply the data analysis concepts and data visualization
IT-21 Software Project ManagementCO1ApplyUnderstand the process of Software Project Management Framework and Apply estimation techniques.
CO2UnderstandLearn the philosophy, principles and lifecycle of an agile project.
CO3ApplyDemonstrate Agile Teams and Tools and Apply agile project constraints and trade-offs for estimating project size and schedule
CO4ApplyExplain Project Tracking and Interpretation of Progress Report
CO5AnalyzeAnalyze Problem statement and evaluate User Stories
MT-21 Optimization TechniquesCO1UnderstandUnderstand the role and principles of optimization techniques in business world
CO2ApplyDemonstrate specific optimization technique for effective decision making
CO3ApplyApply the optimization techniques in business environments
CO4AnalyzeIllustrate and infer for the business scenario
CO5AnalyzeAnalyze the optimization techniques in strategic planning for optimal gain
IT-23 Advance Internet TechnologiesCO1UnderstandOutline the basic concepts of Advance Internet Technologies
CO2ApplyDesign appropriate user interfaces and implements webpage based on given problem Statement
CO3ApplyImplement concepts and methods of NodeJS
CO4ApplyImplement concepts and methods of Angular
CO5ApplyBuild Dynamic web pages using server-side PHP programming with Database Connectivity
IT-24 Advanced ADBMSCO1UnderstandDescribe the core concepts of DBMS and various databases used in real applications
CO2ApplyDesign relational database using E-R model and normalization
CO3ApplyDemonstrate XML database and nonprocedural structural query languages for data access
CO4UnderstandExplain concepts of Parallel, Distributed and Object-Oriented Databases and their applications
CO5ApplyApply transaction management, recovery management, backup and security privacy concepts for database applications
IT-21L PracticalCO1ApplyImplement python programming concepts for solving real life problems.
CO2ApplyImplement Advanced Internet Technologies
ITC21 Mini ProjectCO1CreateCreate working project using tools and techniques learnt in this semester

Second Year M.C.A. - Semester: III & VI Course Outcome

Subject (Course Name) and CodeCOBT-LevelDescription
IT-31 Mobile Application DevelopmentCO1UnderstandUnderstand Various Mobile Application Architectures.
CO2ApplyApply different types of widgets and Layouts.
CO3UnderstandDescribe Web Services and Web Views in mobile applications.
CO4ApplyImplement data storing and retrieval methods in android.
CO5ApplyDemonstrate Hybrid Mobile App Framework
IT-32 Data Warehousing and Data MiningCO1UnderstandUnderstand Data warehouse concepts, architecture and models
CO2UnderstandLearn and understand techniques of preprocessing on various kinds of data
CO3ApplyApply association Mining and Classification Techniques on Data Sets
CO4ApplyApply Clustering Techniques and Web Mining on Data Sets
CO5UnderstandUnderstand other approaches of Data mining
IT-33 Software Testing and Quality AssuranceCO1UnderstandUnderstand the role of software quality assurance in contributing to the efficient delivery of software solutions.
CO2ApplyDemonstrate specific software tests with well-defined objectives and targets.
CO3ApplyApply the software testing techniques in commercial environments
CO4AnalyzeConstruct test strategies and plans for software testing
CO5ApplyDemonstrate the usage of software testing tools for test effectiveness, efficiency and coverage
IT-34 Knowledge Representation and Artificial Intelligence: ML, DLCO1UnderstandUnderstand basic building block of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation.
CO2ApplyApply Propositional Logic for knowledge representation
CO3ApplyDesign various models based on Machine Learning methodology
CO4ApplyDesign various models based on Deep Learning methodology
CO5UnderstandUnderstand various hardware and software aspect used for AI and its application.
IT-35 Cloud ComputingCO1UnderstandDescribe the concepts of Cloud Computing and its Service Models& Deployment Models.
CO2UnderstandClassify the types of Virtualization.
CO3UnderstandDescribe the Cloud Management and relate Cloud to SOA
CO4ApplyInterpret Architecture and Pharrell Programing of Cloud Computing.
CO5ApplyDemonstrate practical implementation of Cloud computing.
IT-31L Course Name: PracticalCO1ApplyDevelop mobile application.
CO2ApplyDevelop ML, DL models using Python
ITC31 Mini ProjectCO1CreateCreate working project using tools and techniques learnt in this semester
IT-41 DevOpsCO1Understanddescribe the evolution of technology & timeline
CO2Rememberexplain Introduction to various Devops platforms
CO3Understanddemonstrate the building components / blocks of Devops and gain an insight of the Devops Architecture.
CO4Applyapply the knowledge gain about Devops approach across various domains
CO5Applybuild DevOps application
BM-41 PPM-OBCO1UnderstandDescribe and analyze the interactions between multiple aspects of management.
CO2AnalyzeAnalyze the role of planning and decision making in Organization
CO3AnalyzeJustify the role of leadership qualities, Motivation and Team Building.
CO4AnalyzeAnalyze stress management and conflict management
CO5UnderstandDescribe Personality and Individual Behavior
ITC41 ProjectCO1CreateCreate working project using tools and techniques learnt in the program