Master of Computer Application Course Overview


The M.C.A program is a blend of computer-related and general business courses. The computer related courses cover all the standard techniques of programming, usage of various software packages, system analysis and design techniques. The general business courses include the functional areas of management like accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, and production. The course emphasizes on the study and creation of business applications, rather than just programming and learning other concepts. Inclusion of projects in each semester improves student’s technical orientation, understanding of IT environment and domain knowledge. It builds right platform for students to become successful Software professionals. This emphasizes on domain knowledge of various areas, which would help the students to build software applications on it. The students are exposed to system development in the information-processing environment, with special emphasis on Management Information Systems and Software Engineering for small and medium computer systems. Inclusion of Business Management Labs helps students to acquire thorough knowledge of management practices in organization. Subjects such as ERP, Information Security and Business Intelligence work as new application domains. Major focus is also given on Mobile technologies so that student can choose Mobile Technologies as their career options. Advanced Internet and Web technology includes variety of new technologies. Soft skills techniques are covered in every semester, which leads to overall personality development of the student and that helps them in their placement activities and to sustain in the organization successfully

Program Duration : 

The M.C.A. program will be a full-time two years Master's Degree Course of Computer Application.

Admission Procedure : 

The selection would be done as per the guidelines by the Admission Regulating Authority, Mumbai and State Government of Maharashtra, Mumbai time to time.


Medium of Instruction:

Medium of instruction is only in English. The course material is also in English.