Student Activities

Orientation Session by Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi, HOD, MCA


Welcome Address to Orientation Session
by Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi, HOD, MCA
MCA-I Div-A and Div-B listening to
Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi, HOD, MCA

Ted Talk on Artificial Intelligence 

TED Talk on The future in AI and Soft Robotics 

Soft robotics, intended as the use of soft materials in robotics, is a young yet promising and growing research field. The need for soft robots emerged in robotics, for facing unstructured environments, and in artificial intelligence, too, for implementing the embodied intelligence, or morphological computation, paradigm, which attributes a stronger role to the body-ware and its interaction with the environment. 

Introductory Speech by Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi, HOD, MCA 


Students listening to the Talk on “Meet the robot designed like an octopus tentacle” By “Mr. Merck KGaA”, Darmstadt, Germany


Students discussing and expressing their views about AI and Soft Robotics


Students discussing and expressing their views about AI and Soft Robotics


Alumni’s Invited for Project Viva 

Mr. Neminath Havale, Team Lead, Accenture    Mr. Abhijeet Sakarkar, Team Lead, Borm bruckmeier Infotech 

Mr. Kedar Tiwaskar, Senior QA Engineer, Smartek21 Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Gaurav Hargude,
CEO, AutoFlow Technologies Pvt. Ltd



Expert Lecture on - Python Programming


Expert Lecture on Industry Requirement for Web based Project Development

Mr. Vishal Pai, Software Engineer, Persistent Systems, was invited as a Speaker at the 22ndJuly 2017, in Dr. D Y Patil Institute of MCA. He has discussed about Python’s Standard Library, known as the “batteries included” philosophy of Python


 “Industry Requirement for Web based Project Development” by Mr. Amit Dabali, Technical Head, Nirmal Technologies, Pune. He initiated the session with a brief description of the challenges faced by Industry while developing web based applications.


Workshop on Internet of Robotic Things

In order to create awareness about the recent and booming concept of IoRT, the Institute had organized a session on “Internet of Robotic Things”. This session was organized on 8th March 2018.We have invited Mr. Pranav Das, Senior Corporate Trainer, Jabalpur,as resource person for this session. 

Mr. Rishabh Pradhan MCA-I year student representing IoT Project 



Student explaining their IoT project to Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi


TED Talk onHow the Blockchain will radically transform the economy 

 Bettina Warburg, is a TED Speaker for 27thJan 2018 session, which was organized by Dr. D Y Patil Institute of MCA, Akurdi, Pune. Bettina Warburg in her talk said - blockchain, has the potential to eliminate huge amounts of record-keeping, save money and disrupt IT in ways not seen since the internet arrived.Blockchain is a public electronic ledger - similar to a relational database - that can be openly shared among disparate users and that creates an unchangeable record of their transactions, each one time-stamped and linked to the previous one.

Student participation in TED Talk, How the Blockchain will radically transform the economy


Dr. D Y Patil Institute of MCA, Akurdi, Pune conducted IT assembly at 8th  & 28 th February 2018, on Java- Lambda expressions, JVM JavaScript engine, VB Script, iPhoneX- Animoji. & Li-Fi Technology, BYOD, Mobility, The main idea of this session was to enable the students’ community, to come together and share latest aspects of IT world that are of worth.

Mr. Vikas Choudhari, MCA-I year student on Java features - Lambda expressions 


Mr. Sreyas Jadhav, MCA-I year student in IT ASSEMBLY on Mobility


IT ASSEMBLY on Near Field Communication (NFC)
13th January 2018: The session has concluded by Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi, it helped students to learn about new technologies like NFC, Automation Testing and Power Banks.

Ms. Nikita Pawar, MCA-II student, Speaks On Home-Made Power Bank


Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi, Chairman Academics, interacting with student


Parent Teacher Meeting in the current academic year (2017-2018) was conducted on 5thJan, 2018 in Board Room,DYPIMCA. It was planned in advance, so all class-teachers and GFM were invited to all parents of MCA-I & MCA-II year students.

Dr. K. Nirmala, Director, interacting with Parents  

Parents and GFM were discussing ward evolution


TCS Agile Foundation using Jile Certification

D. Y. Patil Educational Complex has conducted the Expert Talk on “Agile and  jile Overview” by Mr. R. Vaidhanathan, Relationship Manager- Strategic Accounts, TCS on  7th September 2018 in view of student progress and career guidance. D. Y. Patil Institute of MCA and Management has taken initiative for “TCS Agile Foundation using Jile Certification” for students to become Agile certified associates with Jile product knowledge, giving them a competitive edge over others in the industry. Students has appeared for exam held on 27th October 2018, 9.00 a.m. at iON Digital Zone iDZ Narhe.  Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi, HOD, MCA was the co-ordinator for the certification program.

Mr. R. Vaidhanathan, Relationship Manager- Strategic Accounts, TCS conducting Expert Talk on “Agile and Jile Overview”   Student holding certificate of “TCS Agile Foundation using Jile Certification”with Dr. Kavita Suryawanshi, HOD, MCA

National Seminar On Internet Of Things January 2018
 Publishing The IoT Booklet    Lightning of lamp by Dr. Venkatesaran
Expert Session by Mr. Prashant Pansare  

Inauguration of IoT National Level Seminar

Disha - May 2017
Registration of Students    Dean MBA welcoming the students
Director addressing the students   Expert Talk - Dr Neeta Kuche

Alumni Meet 25th March 2017
Dignitaries on stage                                                                                 Mr.Neminath addressing the gathering                                    
Various competitions for the alumni   Alumni meet 2017

Co-curricular activity, “Counter Strike Competition” for MCA Second year students held on 25/07/2015 between 02:00 P.M. to 5:00 pm. The Competition focused the need of emotional, physical, spiritual and moral development of students beyond curriculum & syllabus and supplemented them for all-round development.
1. Participants during Counter Strike Competition   2. Participants during Counter Strike Competition
3. Participants during Counter Strike Competition   4. Winner Team holding certificate in hand of Counter Strike Competition

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